EMUK Airlift

Easy to find in our webshop: the extremely strong, very handy EMUK Airlift.

The powerful air cushion that definitively puts an end to the sometimes tense, exhausting, and time-consuming efforts when arriving at your location for the night. Say goodbye to the laborious ‘hassle’ that you had been dreading; go to sleep dead level and effortlessly on your pitch.

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What a solution! Simple, solid, stable. Effortlessly ready for the night.

The smartest and safest solution for when your motorhome or caravan needs to be levelled on an uneven site. Forget the wobbly wedge, jack, or prop, improvising with a log and other emergency measures.

The ultra-strong EMUK Airlift is going to make your holidays much easier and more enjoyable.

Hard-wearing, comfortable, easy to take with you

When lifting, the EMUK Airlift levelling air cushion very cleverly uses the power of nature: it allows you to straighten your heavy motorhome or caravan effortlessly and risk-free thanks to compressed air.

It can handle up to 11 tonnes of load capacity and is suitable for differences in level of up to 20 centimetres!

“Put it on your list for your next trip”

the indispensable smart and solid EMUK Airlift.